A Manual of the Planets


The Universe consists of an Astral Sea, at the center of which sits the Lux, the Sun. Orbiting the Sun are ten planets. Xul, the Anti-Sun, does not appear to orbit the sun, but instead is fixed in place. The stars also seem fixed in place, but actually move so slowly that only elves and Outsiders have the patience for such measurements.

The planets themselves are 4 dimensional gates between the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Sea. Each planet is protected by powerful beings who are tasked with keeping the gates closed. The Pious believe that the souls of the dead migrate to other planets depending on how they lived their lives and are reborn.

Lux , Xul and Loxi

❂ Lux

Lux is the center of the universe, the source of all life and light. All things but one circle Lux as moths circle a flame. Sages say that Lux is a million times larger than Earth.

✹ Xul

Xul is the only entity with no love for Lux. Called the “Anti-Sun”, Xul sits at the edge of the universe, devouring any and all who pay her patronage. The swirling energy surrounding her gives her the appearance of a giant eye.

∞ Loxi

Loxi is the chaos that lives outside the universe. He was ripped into uncountable stars, whose lights are a pale reflection of the glory of Lux. Sailors and oracles use patterns in the stars to navigate the seas and foretell the future.

The Heavens

The Heavenly planets are characterized by peace and tranquility. Death does not touch the heavens in the same way they touch the other planets.

☿ Mercury (Elysium)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Protectors: Azata
Description: Rolling red hills and silver rivers dominate the landscape. The Azata live as nomads, building cities in a day, conducting their business, and disbanding after a ceremonial sacrifice, leaving no trace behind.

♀ Venus (Arcadia)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Protectors: Angels

Description: Wild rainbow colored jungles cover the lowlands, while crystal citadels dot the mountains that break through the tree cover.

¥ Vulcan (Nirvana)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Protectors: Archons

Description: Gentle hills harbor meticulously tended orchards, gardens, and
vineyards. Celestial cities laid out in perfect grids house the immortal guardians who manage every aspect of daily life.

The Neutral Zone

The unaligned planets are characterized by the eternal struggle between good and evil, order and chaos. Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are the sites of a hot and cold war between three powerful factions, Those that serve Lux, Xul, and Loxi fight for influence on these battlefields.

❇ Earth (Eden)

Alignment: Unaligned

Protectors: Aeladrin

Description: Earth has neither the deepest oceans, nor the highest mountains, but it has the greatest diversity of life of all the planets. The Aeladrin live in the Feywild, in transcendent castles within the deepest sylvan forests

Mars (Valhalla)

Alignment Unaligned

Protectors: Aesir

Description: The windswept plains of Mars are home to endless battles between the Aesir, the honored dead, and the demons that throw themselves at the gates. Asgard, the eternal city, is a fortress against the chaos that lurks below the surface.

♄ Saturn (Dis)

Alignment Chaotic (Planet) Unaligned (Moebius Ring)

Protectors: Djinni

Description: The surface of Saturn has succumbed to the elemental chaos, and is an everchanging hellscape of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Only the Moebius Ring that circumscribes the planet prevents the demons below from escaping. The surface of the Moebius ring is one contiguous city, with labyrinthine streets and tunnels ruled by djinnkind, immortals corrupted by the Elements.

♃ Jupiter (Olympus)

Alignment Chaotic (Planet) Unaligned (Moons)

Protectors: Dai-den (Titans)

Description: Jupiter is on the verge of collapse, swollen by the elemental energies that have all but destroyed the gates. The Titans fight an increasingly desperate battle to keep the Chaos from reaching the Astral Sea from their moon bases.

The Hells

Torment and strife mark these worlds. Xul is a harsh mistress, and those who struggle here are rewarded with pain and suffering.

♅ Ouranos (Hel)

Alignment Lawful Evil

Protectors: Devils

Description: Rivers of noxious ichor flow past mountains of sulphur and coal into fetid swamps. Fire Devils live here in palaces built by the restless dead

♆ Neptune (Gehenna)

Alignment Chaotic Evil

Protectors: Demons

Description: Fire and ice cover the land as glaciers and volcanoes compete to
dominate the landscape. Chaos corrupted Demons keep this gate closed only to ensure that when they open, they will rule over the chaos.

♁ Pluto (Hades)

Alignment Neutral Evil

Protectors: Displaced

Description: Any description of Pluto is only speculation, as none that visit it return. It is protected by martyrs from every other planet, who are forsaken by their people and vow to fight the dying of the light.

☯ The Dragons

Although not planets, Bahamut and Tiamat orbit Lux faithfully in similar ways, and are similar in size to some of the smaller moons. As they pass each planet, they affect tides and weather. Bahamut passes Earth every 23 years, and Tiamat passes Earth every 113 years.

Hidden Kingdoms

Within each planet multiple worlds exist. On Earth, the Feywild, the Underdark, CloudCuckooLand and the Shadowfell live side by side with the Mortal World, just a step to the left or a jump to the right. Travelling to those worlds is dangerous, but potentially rewarding.

♈ Feywild

Alignment: Unaligned

Travel: Faerie rings and thin places

Description: An endless magical forest where everything is alive, even the rocks and hills. A Seelie court of Aeladrin rule over the land. The Ash and the Morrigan lead separate factions of light and dark fairies of all stripes.

♓ Underdark

Alignment: Chaotic

Travel: Deep tunnels, cursed wells

Description: A maze of underground caverns, caves, and tunnels designed to keep Chaos from entering the Earth. Dark elves called Drow once ruled these tunnels, but they are believed to be extinct.

♎ CloudCuckooLand

Alignment: Unaligned

Travel: Magic Beanstalks, Magic carpets, clouds

Description: A misty landscape of islands separated by blue sky. Warring clans of Cloud Giants maintain enormous keeps on every island.

♐ Shadowfell

Alignment: Evil

Travel: Necromancy, Ferrymen

Description: A gray reflection of Earth. Little can be said to be truly alive here, and any living creature not protected by powerful spells will be drained of hope and life over time.

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