The New World

Peleandril, The New World

100 years ago, a continent appeared to the East of the Civilized World. The center of the continent is home to three races. Fey Elves live in the vast forest, and claim to be the first elves to walk the earth. Hobbits, whom Men call Halflings, live at the edge of the forest hills. Goblins of all variety, including Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Ogres, and Trolls, inhabit the barren places unwanted by anyone else.

The five Kingdoms of Man cling tenaciously to the shores of Peleandril, trying to tame her for God, King, and Country. Illyria and Albion have established colonies on the uninhabited Western Shore, and Lanadare has built a trading post at the edge of the Elven Forest. The Sultanate and the Piety have tiny outposts, not having spent much time or trouble exploiting these lands, but do trade with the colonies, legally or not. The greatest benefactor of this exchange of goods and ideas is Freemantle.

Tal Foruna is the sole Lanadarian outpost in the Lost Continent. Lanadare’s Eternal Emperor forbids military expansion into Peleandril, instead sending Emissaries to the Sylvan Elves and native Hobbits, and purchasing the land where the city stands. Lanadare trades machine tooled goods for tobacco and spell reagents.
The Illyrian Satellites are not nearly as successful as the Freemantle Colonies. The great Salt Flats to the west and unpredictable rainfall contribute to a hardscrabble life for the Illyrians who try to live far from the shore. 70 years ago, the discovery of gold in the mountains to the west led to an influx of immigrants and sparked the Illyrian/Albion Conflict. By the end of the conflict, the veins had run too dry to even interest the Dwarves. The mines that remain employ mostly Illyrian convicts, and the city-states that dot the coast have turned to industry and illegal trade with Freemantle to survive.
Hobbitshire is the home of the Lost Hobbits. 500 years ago, when the Illyrian Succession War spilled over onto the Island of Hob, Most of the women and children set sail for Lanadare. Of the 7 convoys, one was lost in a storm, and was believed to have met its doom. When Peleandril was discovered, the lost tribe was reunited with the civilized world. Hobbits in Peleandril have branched out greatly from their little coastal shire, and can be found living lives of adventure and trade on many rivers and lakes throughout the coastal region. But they all return to the shire for feasts and holidays.
Praedocelo, on King of Thieves Island, is a Sultanate refuge for pirates, smugglers, thieves, and fugitives from other kingdoms. It is said that anything can be bought on the island, and that no crime has gone uncommitted there. People lacking the proper paperwork to enter a colony legally may find expert forgeries here, if they have the wit and strength to avoid the danger that lurks on every corner.
Freemantle is the colloquial name for the colonies founded by the Davan Freemantle Chartered Trade Company of Albion. The Freemantle Colonies are the youngest on the continent; the first human born there will celebrate his 70th birthday this year. They also have the most violent history. Established on the southern shore of Peleandril, east of the Broken Mountain Range, Albion has carved out a territory acre by acre from the Goblin Hordes. 10 years ago, the last unconquered goblin tribe was driven north of the Manifold Mountains through the Wastrel Gap, giving Freemantlers mountain borders to the east, west, and north and an ocean to the south. At the foot of the Wastrel Gap lies Albion Keep, keeping the fear of Humankind in the mind of every goblin warlord. Occasionally goblin hunting parties make their way over the mountains, and civilized goblins remain in the cities, but for the most part, the goblin menace has ended. Freemantle is now able to prosper, its fertile soil and temperate climate providing valuable crops for export. The Freemantle Colonies are rapidly becoming the brightest jewel in Albion’s Crown.

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