The Ralendrian Calendar

The Ralendrian Calendar was created by the Eternal Emperor of Lanadare in consultation with sages throughout the civilized world. It has been adopted wherever Diplomata is spoken, as it describes Earth’s orbit of Lux with great precision. It consists of four seasons of three months. The first two months in the season have 30 days, and the third has 31. The month is broken into seven day weeks, and each season starts on a Sunday. Two days exist outside the Seasons. Doomsday and Fey Day. A list of important days is included below.

Mahuata 1st is the first day of the year, the Winter Solstice, when the days start getting longer. It is often celebrated as a holiday, and is an auspicious time to start new ventures.

Mahiatua 1st is the first day of Spring. In Freemantle, planting can begin for early crops on this day

Fey Day is a day out of season, taking place once every four years. It is believed that the walls between Earth and the Feywild are thinnest on this day, and people leave gifts for fairies in the hopes that they will bless them and not cause them mischief.

Hapori 1st is the longest day of the Year and the first day of Summer. Plant Summer crops and root vegetables on this day

Hae Papa 1st is the first day of Autumn. Harvest Spring and Summer crops, and plant Winter Wheat.

Doomsday is the shortest day of the year, when Xul is most visible in the night sky. It is separated from the weeks and months of the standard calendar. People remember the dead on this day and engage in rituals to protect themselves from the Evil Eye.

The Ides are the days when the moon is full. Superstitious folk stay indoors on these nights for protection from “lunacy”. They are marked in red

Holidays, or Holy Days, occur each month. Each month is dedicated to a member of the counsel (In the case of Ariki the Four Faced God, a month is devoted to each of his aspects.) One day each month is dedicated to a celebration in that god’s honor. They are marked in green.

Reckoning Years

There are many ways of tracking years among the people of Earth. Each culture has an event that signifies the beginning of an era. Although most people in the Freemantle Colonies are subjects of the Albion Queen, you are likely to hear any number of responses to the suspicious question, “What year is it?”

Albion: 176 YR1 (Year of Rosalyn the First)
Albion uses the unbroken line of succession and the name of the sitting queen to determine the year.

Illyrian: 745 AH (Age of Henry)
Illyria uses the unification of Illyria under the banner of King Henry II. To designate the year.

Lanadare: 497 of the 12th Millennium
Lanadare uses the Ascension of the Eternal Emperor to the throne as its calendar date of origin.

Caliphate: OxRose NNW
The Caliphate use a cyclical system including 12 beasts, 12 flowers, and 16 winds.

Piety: Year 25,987 of the 5th Age
The Piety uses the dawn of the Fifth Age, as told to them by the Angels to denote the year. Written history only dates back 15,000 years, so various Pietic scholars have disputed this date.

Elves: 732 Ab-Edledhia (After Exile)
When the dracolich Oss tried to destroy the Barrier to the Abyss, the Aeladrin fled the Faewild to set a trap for her. They emerged on Earth as adult elves with no memory of their past, over a period of 5000 years, moving backwards through time. When Oss came to the Feywild to conquer the Eladrin they were gone, and Oss was stuck in a moment of time. Many Aeladrin returned to the Feywild to retrieve their memories, but many more stayed behind, trading immortality for the ability to sire and bear children.

Dwarves: Year 352, Generation 43
A Dwarf lives no longer than 500 years, and each 500 year period is referred to as a Generation. A Dwarf couple has seven children between the ages of 100 and 200, so each Generation consists of five “generations” of Dwarf. Every dwarf can trace her ancestry back to a 200 times great grandparent, one of the Twelve pairs of the first Generation.

Goblins: 9871 (Reign of Neshog)
Neshog is a Hero in Goblin Mythology who fought off invaders and cleansed the land of foreigners nearly 10,000 years ago.

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