The Book of Ages

Notes from the Pietic Book of Ages:

First Age

In the beginning, there was Lux (the sun) and there was Xul (the eye). And the space between them was vast and lonely. Lux reached out to Xul, and formed Loxi from a piece of himself and his image of her. Loxi traveled the distance between them but when he presented himself to Xul, she tore him into a billion stars, and spilled them into the void. Thus ended the First Age.

Second Age

In the second Age, the four Elements emerged from Lux, and lived in harmony in the Astral Sea. But Loxi poisoned their minds against each other, and soon their battles created a tear in the sea. This Abyss was contained by Lux, and Lux built a barrier between the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. To seal this barrier he warped ten demi-planes, or “planets”, to serve as locked gates in the barrier. Lux created a dragon to guard each planet, and constructed the planetary locks out of Life. Being so close to the elemental chaos, Life would be changed dramatically, and would constantly take on new forms that would threaten the dragons. Xul told the dragons that in order to keep life from overpowering them, they would have to add a touch of Death to each world. The dragons did as she suggested. To this day, Life ever adapts to Chaos, and ends in Death. and to this day, to see a dragon is to be close to death. Thus ended the Second Age.

Third Age

Tiamat was the guardian of Pluto, the planet furthest from Lux, and the closest to Xul. He grew jealous of the other Dragon’s proximity to Lux, and shouted his displeasure to Lux. Lux had no response. He pleaded with Xul to intercede, but Xul also stood silent, only Loxi, the Whispering Star, would answer him. “Clearly, Lux has no use for you, because you are weak in his eyes. Devour Neptune’s Dragon, Abraxas, and you will be twice as strong.” Tiamat left his planet unguarded, and travelled through the Astral Sea to Neptune, and did as Loxi whispered. Still his jealousy was like an unquenched fire, and Lux remained mute.

Again Loxi whispered, “Continue on this path. When you are the only dragon, Lux will love you as his only son.” Tiamat continued his journey, devouring Hatuibwari of Ouranos, Vermithrax of Saturn, and Chrysophylax of Jupiter. By this time, Bahamut of Mercury, Eingana of Venus, and Qetzocoatl of Earth joined Fafnir of Mars to face Tiamat. Tiamat was more powerful than any other dragon, and soon all but Bahamut fell. Tiamat could not claim their power, however.

Before going into battle, The remaining dragons made a pact, pledging their power to each other, should they fall in battle. Bahamut now held the power, and sang a song of mourning for his fallen friends. The song was so powerful, that the devoured dragons were reinvigorated, and their heads burst through Tiamat’s shoulders, one by one, until Tiamat shared his body with four other dragons. The four newly emerged dragonheads attacked Tiamat, and Bahamut, and each other, until Lux finally broke his silence.


Both Dragons, compelled and shamed by Lux, left the planets and orbited Lux. Bahamut visits the Earth every 23 years, and Tiamat every 113 years. The scales and teeth dislodged during their battle in the Astral Sea fell to Earth and other planets and became infused with Life, becoming the ancestors of the mortal dragons.

This was Loxi’s plan all along. Left unguarded, the planets became ripe for an assault by the Elemental Chaos, and the Third Age was coming rapidly to the end…

Each of the Dragons had their own way of pushing back the Elemental Chaos, Bahamut created intricate locks and channels on Mercury. Tiamat battled the Elemental Chaos directly on Pluto. Quetzlcoatl embraced the abundance of life to adapt to and contain the chaos. Many Earthlings of the Third Age fed off the Elemental Energies that leaked through the barrier, ensuring that Earth’s barrier remained strong. With the absence of the Terrestrial Dragons, Earth became unbalanced and was soon the most vulnerable gate. As Loxi had planned, the Elements tore through the barrier, transforming a peaceful land of meadows and lakes into a broken world of mountains, oceans, firestorms, and hurricanes. Lux saw the breach and created a new protector from a piece of himself. Calling him Matamua,(firstborn, in the Celestial Tongue) He hurled him with great force to Earth, where he landed with a crash so powerful, the earth split into 7 pieces. Matamua fought back the Chaos and stitched 6 of the pieces back together, leaving the seventh to orbit Earth as his throne. Matamua then created 15 seeds from Life and Death, Order and Chaos, and planted them. Thus arose the first deities of Earth, who then honored Matamua as their creator, and honored Lux above him as the All-Creator. These Deities were Ariki the four faced God (Ahi, Rangi, Whenua, Tewai), Master of the Elements, Mahiatua, Mistress of Magic, Kaitiakiahua, Keeper of the Lock, Hapori the Mistress of Order, Akoranga Nui, Keeper of the Book, Hae Papa, the Bringer of Justice, Atawhai, The Merciful Protector, Aroha Ki, Goddess of Love, Krieg the battler, Betrug, the keeper of secrets, Dusterkeit the Shadowlord, Ngaro Mate the Curious, and the Three Wanderers, Rasulo,Remy Senji, and Propastor, . Thus arose the Fourth Age.

Fourth Age

The Fourth Age chronicles the battles waged between Matamua and his Divine Counsel against the Elemental Chaos on every planet. During the War of the Fourth Age, Krieg, Betrug, and Dusterkeit, switched alliances to Xul, changing their names to reflect their allegiance. The three Wanderers were driven mad by the whispers of Loxi. The rest of the Counsel made their individual homes among 9 of the 10 planets, where they each took on the role once held by the Dragons. Pluto was unguarded, except by the corpse of Ngaro Mate Each member of the Counsel created divine minions to oversee their worlds. The Fourth Age ends with the Counsel ascending to Lux, leaving the daily operations to their Alphas (The Angels, Azata, Archons, Aeladrin, and Aesir) the Traitors devoured by Xul, and the Wanderers dispersed among the stars with Loxi.

Fifth Age

The Fifth Age chronicles the creation of mortals and the rebellion of the Alphas, The Alphas first built divine minions to do their work, but found they lacked judgment and flexibility. They then decided to put a spark of divinity into native life forms on each planet. Each race has a different story about how they were created, but most agree that, on Earth, races were given souls by the Alphas. The rebellion of the Alphas occurred when those devoured by Xul returned from her eye. With the Counsel ascended, some Alphas took the return of the Traitors as a sign of a new order, and turned to them. By the end of the rebellion 1 in 3 Alphas had become Devas (Devils, Daemons, Dai-Den, and Djinn) in thrall to the Traitors. The Alphas held Mercury, and Venus. The Traitors held Pluto, Uranous, and Neptune. Earth, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter were disputed territories.

In time, the Wanderers returned, looking to destroy the planets in Loxi’s name. They came from the Abyss, bringing the most powerful creatures of Chaos to shatter the gates. When the Alphas and Devas realized what had happened, they declared a truce long enough to hold the gates. The traitors of Lux clashed directly with the Wanderers of Loxi in the Chaos, and all the Gods fell into the Abyss. During the truce between the Alphas and Devas, the races of Earth rose up and demanded to be left alone. The most powerful people on Earth met with the Angels and Devas and negotiated terms. To this day, neither Angels nor Devas may come down to Earth without being invited by a mortal to perform a specific task. Both Alphas and Devas are eager to influence the events of Earth, and mortals can gain great power by serving Outsiders.

The Grand Truce is the touchstone of the Fifth Age, and will remain in effect until the end of the age. A sixth Age is prophesized, when the Children of Earth will shatter the Grand Truce. A final battle between the forces of Lux, Xul, and Loxi will destroy the planets, and will end with all souls being called home to Lux.

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