The Old World

The Old World

The Five Kingdoms

The Five Kingdoms encompass the known civilized world. Albion, Illyria, The Piety, Lanadare, and the Sultanate have each expanded to their natural borders. Although internal disputes are common, the political map of the civilized world has remained the same for 200 years. Economic conflict has largely replaced military conflict as the driving force between Nations.

Albion is currently the wealthiest kingdom. Its ships rule the seas, allowing trade to flourish between its colonies and the homeland. Albion is a monarchy, with a hereditary King, Dukes and Barons, but elected officials run its towns and villages. The Merchant Guild is the most powerful organization in Albion, followed closely by the Benevolent Order of the Crown, a society to which most subjects of stature belong.
Illyria has only recently fallen behind Albion in wealth. Five hundred years ago, Henry the Beloved united the Eastern and Western Kingdoms under a single banner and Illyria has prospered greatly since. Individual duchies in Illyria have the power to mint coins and levy taxes, and port cities may maintain a Naval force, but the power to maintain an army belongs solely to the Regent of Illyria.
Lanadare is the civilized home to one in four humans, and nearly all nonhuman subjects in the Kingdoms. Elves, Dragonborn, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, and High Orcs are all subjects of Lanadare, although they practice self-rule within their borders. Each race has a voice in the Parliament. Lanadare is the oldest Kingdom, uniting the races of earth thousands of years ago under the banner of the Eternal Emperor against the forces of Oss. The Eternal Emperor still reigns today. Faithful subjects believe him to be an unaging 8 year-old boy, but cynics believe he is an illusion of some sort, and that a secret cabal truly runs the nation.
The Piety is a holy land, where men and women of all civilized races commune with the gods. The Piety welcomes all pilgrims from the civilized world, and the Piety is welcome in all of the civilized world. Poor in resources, the Pious exert their influence in other ways. Any Kingdom opposing the Pious might find its own people turn against them, as well as the other Kingdoms.
The Sultanate is considered a kingdom by the other four in name only. It would best be described as a confederacy of islands, united for common defense, but each sovereign within its shores. The Sultanate finds itself at odds with the Piety for its worship of Hero-Gods, men who have distinguished themselves in this world and are said to retain their power in the next. The Sultan is a Pirate King of sorts, and holds power only as long as he can defeat his rivals in battle.


Before the discovery of Peleandril, Leviathan was called “The New World”. Early explorers returned to the Five Kingdoms with tales of insects the size of horses, apes the size of clock towers, and dragons that blocked out the sun. Expeditions to Leviathan, when they return at all, return with heavy casualties and amazing treasure.

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The Old World

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